Direct Contact Cleaning Devices

At Advanced Air Quality, we use a direct contact cleaning process. This is the most thorough cleaning process available. We don’t believe in only using air pressure or suction to eliminate all of the dust and debris in the system. Every inch of your ductwork is cleaned using these devices. We have cleaned thousands of air ventilation systems for local companies, and perform ongoing maintenance. We also have an Installation Division that installs products such as Heat Recovery Ventilators, UV Lights, Flow Thru Humidifiers, HEPA Air Cleaners (TFP’s) and Inline Fans. Call today for your company’s free onsite quote: (613) 831-9695

High Powered Vacuum Trucks

Our vacuum is powered off of our truck engine. Our trucks are custom built for us and are the most powerful in the industry.

Infrared Video Inspection

Our Advanced Air Quality vehicles are all equipped with infrared cameras and video monitors. We can show an accurate “before” and “after” of every job that we are on.